About the District...

Dell City ISD is home to grades K through 12. Our school mascot is the "mighty cougar" which is symbolic of both mental and athletic prowess.

Current enrollment for K-12 is 112 students, which means smaller class sizes and wonderful opportunities for our students, staff and faculty to build knowledge and success through teamwork and technology.

Dell City ISD Belief Statements...

  • We believe that every individual has worth and grows through the development of self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth.

  • We believe that the joy of living and learning is the key to individual success and happiness.

  • We believe that an individual's mind is one's greatest resource.

  • We believe that success stems from an open and inviting environment where courtesy and mutual respect prevail.

  • We believe that our community is an extended family that manifests mutual respect, love and trust.

  • We believe that a good citizen always interacts fairly and responsibly with everyone.

  • We believe that the individual is accountable for his/her actions.

  • We believe that the vitality of life is the continuous process of learning.

  • We believe that all people can learn.

  • We believe that our community fosters a supportive atmosphere for individual achievement.

  • We believe that education is a joint effort involving family, school, and community.

  • We believe that creative and analytical growth are essential for the mental and physical development of the whole person.

  • We believe that everyone has the right to an education.