Our Mission...

The mission of Dell City Independent School District is to develop in students the desire and means to attain knowledge, a sense of personal worth and integrity, and an acceptance of responsibility in society.

Our Goals...

  1. Design and implement the aligned TEKS curriculum, emphasizing critical thinking as measured by well-defined student achievement goals.

  2. Provide an educational environment that will actively create a positive learning community through citizenship, respect, self-discipline, and personal responsibility.

  3. Involve and motivate students to be successful self-disciplined learners through quality, innovative, and positive instruction founded on a challenging curriculum.

  4. Provide technology as a tool to enhance student performance and educate students, parents, teachers, and community members in the use of technology.

  5. The District provides opportunities for family and community involvement that will result in a positive partnership.

PARTNERSHIP = a willingness to do; to give;
and to work with the district, sharing responsibility
at various levels of involvement, and accepting responsibility for the education of students.